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The second repertoire show of Circo no Ato, is freely inspired in the magical realism of Gabriel García Marquez

Febril is a co-production of Circo no Ato e Crescer e Viver, which premiered on Crescer e Viver’s circus in November 2014. Freely inspired on the magical realism of Gabriel García Marquez, one of the most important literary outpost of Latin America, with the direction of Luis Igreja, musical direction by Daniel Gonzaga and art direction of Denise Bernardes, Guilherme Maia and Beto Herriot. For the construction of the script, the writers and researchers Ana Carina and Clara Meirelles used as reference three books: the novel “One Hundred Years of Solitude” and collections of short stories “Twelve Tales Pilgrims” and “Blue Dog’s Eyes”.

With a repertoire of circus techniques including ground acrobatics, aerial acrobatics, juggling, contorcion, acrobalance and clwoning, the show uses the extraordinary characteristic of these skills to build the ambiance and the pulse that the magic literature engenders. In particular, this second creation of Circo no Ato deepens a scenic exploration of the group acrobatics technique, unifying element of the group and one of its differentials in circus arts scene in Rio de Janeiro.

Bisides the circus language, Febril also uses elements of other arts for the performing compositions, breaking with the traditional structure of fragmented figures and strengthening its narrative aspect through a more fluid experience. Admittedly an integrated arts work, includes elements of dance, theater and music, with the cast composing the scene with live music.

Freely inspired on the magical realism of Gabriel García Márquez, Febril tells the story of a family whose life is changed by the arrival of a troupe of gypsies in the village where they live. The hierarchical, social and affective organization is broken and the whole social order is changed. Family conflicts come to the surface violently, until the city explodes into a devastating war.


Age rating: Free

Duration: 90 minutes


To know more about Febril first assemble, visit Crescer e Viver website

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